Application Examples & Product Information

CHECKER POUCH Cuff: How to use

Information about preparation and use of the CHECKER POUCH Cuff

RESPI respirator-mask cases and bags: suitability for storage of various full-face masks

Which RESPI-model is most suitable for which model of full-face respirator-mask?

  • RESPI  and  RESPI XL:
    respirator mask cases with detachable spectacles case
  • RESPI Light  and  RESPI Light XL:
    flexible mask bag, ideally suited in case of limited storage capacity e. g. inside of fire engine

This overview provides you with information for most common models of full-face respirator masks.

RESCUE LOOP: examples of application

Examples of application for use of RESCUE LOOP Rescue Sling

Design Templates

KEYFLAP Key rack: labelling template

Adaptable template for labelling and marking of KEYFLAP Key rack:

  • Labelling for all 12 key-holder positions

KEYSAFE Key Briefcase: labelling template

Adaptable template for labelling and marking of KEYSAFE Key Briefcase:

  • Labelling for all 14 key-holder positions
  • Labelling of key briefcase, exterior

KEYSAFE Astuccio per chiavi: modelli di etichette

Personalizzabile modelli di etichette per KEYSAFE Astuccio per chiavi:

  • etichetta per i 14 supporti di chavi
  • etichetta per di marcatura fuori