For search and rescue of CRASH & CARRY training dummy with thermal imaging camera

  • exciting: greater variety at training and practice
  • faciliating: easy and fast preparation
  • simple: no further equipment for warming required

Designed for training of search and rescue operations with utilization of a thermal imaging camera.
THERMO-PADs are self-adhesive and therefore can be fixed quick and easy on your CRASH & CARRY training dummy.

Activation and operating time:
After opening of vacuum pack, the THERMO-PAD is automatically activated and reacts with the oxygen in the air. 

After activation time of about 20 minutes, pad develops a heat signature, that is clearly visible via infrared, as the THERMO-PAD heats up to a temperature of about 50° C.

At an air temperature of about 20° C, pad operates for at least four hours.

Operation and disposal:

The self-adhesive pad is designed for single use only and can be disposed of as domestic waste after it has been used. 

Scope of delivery:

Set of 10 pieces of THERMO-PAD without further or pictured supplies


- colour: white
- dimensions (h x w): 13 x 8 cm
- weight: 50 g, each
- packaging: 10 pcs. per unit
- art.-no.: 1120

Information about operation:

- duration of preparation: approx. 20 minutes
- duration of operation:  min. 4 hours at 20° C air temperature
- heating temperature: max. 50° C

easy operation:

variable positioning/mounting on training dummy due to self-adhesive backside of pads