Suitable for use with BIG Operations Control Folder

  • compatible: suitable for organizer and folder in Din A4 upright format
  • universally usable: individually adjustable depending on size of tablet PC
  • strong: built-in plastic plate for additional protection of tablet PC


inbuild, 2mm thick plastic
plate for protection of
tablet PC against damage

Ideal solution for storage and operation of a tablet PC during ongoing operations.

Modern command and control tools such as tablet PCs are on the advance, however adequate storage during operations remains a problem.

The TABLET-FLAP provides safe storage for your tablet PC, but it will be quick at hand when you store it in the BIG Operations Control Folder. Classic operations tool and modern IT form a whole.

The hook and loop fastener on the back of the tablet holder can be adjusted to accommodate all common tablets with a size of up to 28 x 19 cm.
The sensitive but robust PVC protective cover protects the tablet from dirt and possible damage, yet the touchscreen remains operable.

Scope of delivery:
TABLET-FLAP Holder without further or pictured supplies

- colour: grey
- dimensions (W x H): 23,5 x 29 cm
- weight: 0,13 kg
- material: 100% polyester
- art.-no.: 2685

perfect solution:

operation of tablet PC
while it is safely stored
inside of TABLET FLAP

individually adjustable:

quick and easy adjusting to
dimensions of used tablet PC
due to 40 mm wide hook and
loop fasteners at three sides


ideally suitable for use with
organizer or folder with ring
binder in DIN A4 format,