Compact pouch for storage of large respirator mask with communication unit

  • perfect fit: flexible bag for space-saving storage of respirator masks
  • full grown: tailored for large respirator masks with communication unit
  • versatile: suitable for items such as rescue sheets, fire emergency masks etc.


labelling areas inside and outside

The RESPI LIGHT XL respirator mask bag is ideal combination of a pouch with compact design, sufficient space even for big respirator masks and a minimum of space required for storage inside of fire engines.

Stored inside bag, components of respirator mask, such as lens, connector and communication unit are well protected due to partial padding of respirator mask bag.

In opposite to plastic carrying-cases which are typically used for storage of respirator masks the RESPI LIGHT XL is much more convenient for storage inside of fire engines, particularly when stowage space is rare!  

Thanks to the infinitely adjustable dual carrying strap, bag can be worn on both, hip or shoulder.

A large marking area within the cover allows for permanent labelling.

Bag is washable at 40° C.


- space-saving bag for storage of respirator mask
- partly padding for protection of respirator mask
- variable carrying options due to Dual carrying strap
- inlying marking area for durable labeling
- exterior (business-)card compartment for labeling

Scope of delivery:

Respirator Mask Bag, carrying strap; without further or pictured supplies


- colour: blue
- dimensions, exterior: 25 x Ø 18 cm
- material: 370G TEC Fire Retardant
- weight: 295 g
- waschable: at 40° C
- article-no.: 2812-3804


flexible mask bag for storage of large respiartor masks