Ideally suited for rescue and self-recue   (base price: EUR 6,67/m)

  • manifold range of applications: carrying aid, search of rooms etc.
  • secure rescue and self-rescue: breaking load 22 kN
  • compactly stowed: suitable for transport in holsters

TEE-UU Rescue Sling: RESCUE-LOOP, 150 cm

A live-saving appliance no fireman wearing a SCBA should forget about.

The RESCUE LOOP Rescue Sling is suitable and licensed for the attachment to a safety chain during rescue operations in compliance with European regulations:

- EN 354: PFPE - lanyard
- EN 566: mountaineering equipment - slings
- EN 795: PFPE – anchor device type B
It offers sufficient redundancies with a failure load of 22 kN.

The RESCUE-LOOP has a wide range of application:

- Carrying aid to save injured persons

- Emergency harness to rescue an injured person or oneself

- Searching of rooms:
   The rescue sling is attached to one fireman’s belt with an HMS carabiner,
    the other end is held by the team leader. This way less time is needed to
    search a room or area and yet the team is safely connected by the rescue

- Opening and secure closing of fire doors:
   First, the sling is fastened to the door knob; then, after searching a room,
    in case of an imminent explosive flame or flashover, the door can be closed
   quickly and safely.


- breaking load of 22 kN
- colour: orange
- width: 20 mm
- length: 150 cm
- weight: 0,144 kg
- material: Polyester
- design: hose strap
- compliance with European regulations EN 354, EN 566, EN 795B
- max. longevity 12 years
- max. operating life: 10 year
- art.-no.: 9875-4500

Scope of delivery:

rescue sling without furter or pictured supplies

TEE-UU Rescue Sling: RESCUE-LOOP, 150 cm