Ideally suited for rescue    (base price: EUR 7,50/m)

  • manifold range of applications: carrying aid, search of rooms etc.
  • secure rescue: breaking load 22 kN
  • compactly stowed: suitable for transport in holsters

Alive-saving appliance no fireman wearing a SCBA should forget about.

The RESCUE LOOP Rescue Sling is suitable and licensed for the attachment to a safety chain during rescue operations in compliance with European regulations (EN 566).
It offers sufficient redundancies with a failure load of 22 kN.

(Many currently available slings have a failure load of only up to 3 kN = 300 kg. Under extreme circumstances, this may lead to life threatening situations!)

The RESCUE-LOOP has a wide range of application:
- Carrying aid to save injured persons
- Emergency harness to rescue an injured person or oneself
- Searching of rooms:
  The rescue sling is attached to one fireman’s belt with an HMS carabiner, the other    
  end is held by the team leader. This way less time is needed to search a room or  
  area and yet the team is safely connected by the rescue sling.
- Opening and secure closing of fire doors:
  First, the sling is fastened to the door knob; then, after searching a room, in case of  
  an imminent explosive flame or flashover, the door can be closed quickly and safely.
  The same technique should be applied when cooling flue gas with nozzles!

Scope of delivery:

rescue sling without further or pictured


- breaking load of 22 kN
- dimensions:
     - width: 16 mm
     - length: 120 cm
- weight: 0.1 kg
- material: 100% polyester
- design: hose strap
- compliance with European regulations EN 354, EN 566, EN 795B
- max. longevity 12 years
- max. operating life: 10 years
- art.-no.: 9876-9000