The perfect solution to store you fire hose pack

  • comfortable to carry: wide carrying strap to carry over the shoulder safely
  • clearly visible: safety reflective stripe and reflective print
  • flexible expansion: fixing loops at carrying strap, fitting to all TEE-UU holsters

clearly visible:

reflective stripes and
reflective imprint

The perfect solution for both, the storage and use of a firehose pack.

The RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag was adapted to the standardized hose carrying basket in length and width. Due to this an existing carrying basket can be replaced by the RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag without any modification. Since the bag is slimmer than a carrying basket, a mobile smoke barrier can be stored right next to it.
From now on, unsafely stored hose packs in your crew cabin are a thing of the past!

During operations, the 50 mm wide carrying strap allows firemen to carry equipment safe and comfortable until approach to hazard zone. Thanks to the massive two-way zipper, the bag gives way quickly to your hose pack.
Hose pack can be securely fixed with "RAP-FIX Hose Pack Straps". Also available at Tee-uu.

Possible tactics for inside fire attack with the RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag inside a residential building:
The attack team lays the hose up to entrance to the area of fire with a carrying basket, for fast and trouble-free movement. From there on a firehose pack (one 30m hose) is used for intrusion into flat and for firefighting.
By using only one carrying basket and not two, you can save a total weight of 11 kg and avoid interferences such as hose couplings that get caught at interiors etc.

Quickly operational:
Open the zipper, lay out the firehose pack, connect to the water pipes, open the RAP-FIX Firehose Straps.

Advantages of use of Fire Hose Packs:

Fire Hose Pack can be expanded right in front of the area of fire – not much space needed. The emerging spiral is the perfect stand-by hose. In case of lack of space expanded spiral can also be leaned against the wall next to the area of fire in order to safe space. Never the less spiral lays on floor or is leant on wall, hose can be pulled easily.

Advantages of one 30m hose compared to two 15m hoses:
The hose coupling between the shorter hoses is prone to get stuck at corners and doors when being pulled. When one 30m hose is being used, this problem does not exist. Due to the little hose diameter, one can save a total of 23 kg in hose weight, which is useful when pulling the hose. This relieves an attack team enormously to better concentrate on putting out the fire.

Features of RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag:

- Flexible expansion:
   Fixing loops on the carrying strap, fitting to all TEE-UU holsters
- Clearly visible:
   Safety reflective stripe and reflective print
- Comfortable to carry:
   Wide carrying strap to carry over the shoulder safely and comfortably
   onto the border of the hazard zone
- Relieving:
   Weight rests on the shoulder to safe energy
- Fits immediately without modification:
   Easy exchange of carrying basket with RAP-EX and there is even room
   for a mobile smoke barrier!
- Safely packed:
   Firehose pack fixated with RAP-FIX Firehose Pack Straps
   (4 per packaging unit) – optional available at TEE-UU

Scope of delivery:

RAP-EX Hose Pack BAG without further or pictured supplies


- dimensions: 87 x 52 x 7 cm
- capacity: 31 litres
- weight: 1,0 kg
- material: 1680D TEC Polyester with
                        2 mm HighDurable PVC internal coating
- art.-no.: 1205

comfortable to carry:

wide carrying strap for secure and comfortable carrying until approaching hazardous area

flexible extendable:

fixiation loops at carrying strap are designed for mounting of additional TEE-UU holsters

blazing fast operational:

-> open zipper
-> spread hose pack
-> connect to water supply
-> open RAP-FiX hose straps
-> done


weight rests on shoulder

perfect fit - without modification:

easy replacement of hose carrying basket with RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag.
Due to reduced depth also smoke barrier can be stored in same compartment with RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag!

RAP-EX Hose Pack Bag

Smoke barrier

Common hose carriyng basket

Idea of using Hose Pack Bag at ongoing operation: 

fire fighters use common fire hose carryin frame with common
 fire hoses for laying fire hose up to door in front of hazardous area.
Before opening door fire fighters connect and prepare fire hose pack.
Use of fire hose pack insdead of carrying frame with fire hoses leads to reduction of weight and provides a sophisticated fire
hose without annoying hose connections for fast proceeding.

perfect solution:

placing fire hose donut-shaped in front of entrance to hazardous area has a big advantage in opposite to a folded hose:
fire hose expands space-saving into a fire hose spiral.


Filled with water "hose-Spiral" can space-saving be leaned at wall at entrance to hazardous area.
This ensures free space at access area and easy pulling hose behind.

Advantage by using one 30 m long fire hose instead of two 15 m fire hoses:

Hose connection in middle of two fire hoses are liable to get caught at edges or doors when you pull fire hose behind you. When you use only one 30 m long fire hose, there are no annoying hose connections.