Safety line & useful equipment: the one bag for all

  • comfortable fit: wearable as fanny pack or across the shoulder
  • instant access: bottom compartment fur useful equipment
  • reassuring: no accidentally unwinding of rope

Functionality and wearing options of the classic firefighter rope bag leave much to be desired.

In order to work as safely and effectively as possible, rescue teams working in hazardous atmospheres – as recommended by the regulations – need more live-saving appliances than just one rope.
The KOMBI EXPORT Rope Bag is the solutions for all these problems. It can be worn as fanny pack or alternatively over the shoulder next to your respiratory protection device.
Loop fasteners on the exterior allow for the attachment of other TEE-UU holsters, such as MASK Holster for a fire emergency mask, MICRO Holster for additional rescue scissors, and more.

Well thought design of KOMBI EXPORT Rope Bag guarantees immediate access to most important equipment when being used as waist bag:

- main compartment for storage of life line
      - protected against unwinding of rope
      - plastic carabiner at bottom of compartment for clasping of rope
- zipper bottom compartment (8 x Ø 14 cm) provides sufficient space
    for further live-saving appliances:
      - 2 detachable retaining straps (approx. 40 cm) with carabiner
      - elastic loop for sling and carabiner
      - elastic loops within cover for up to 4 wooden wedges

Due to infinitely adjustable Dual carrying-strap, that can be opened both sides (25mm wide, usable length: 150cm), perfect fir of bag is guaranteed.

Optional accessories that complement KOMBI Rope Bag perfectly:
- MICRO Holster: suitable for SHARK EVO Rescue SICCORS
- MASK Holster: suitable for fire emergency mask


- fast access when being used as waist bag.
   alternatively, bag can be worn over the shoulder
- reflective stripe (height: 50mm) for additional safety
- rope compartment protected against unwinding of rope  
- loops for attachment of TEE-UU holsters
- marking area for permanent labelling
- infinitely adjustable Dual carrying-strap

Scope of delivery:

Rope Bag and carrying strap without further or pictured supplies


- colour: blue
- lenght: 48 cm
- diameter: 14 cm
- weight: 0,35 kg
- material: 370G TEC Fire Retardant
- art.-no.: 2820-3894

perfect fit:

bottom compartment for immediate access to important supplies such as carabiner, wooden wedges, marker pen etc.

modular system:

fixation loops for mounting of holsters for additional supplies