The only one with wheels and fixation system!

  • functional: immediate access to respirator mask and air supply
  • spacious: main compartment with capacity of 55 l and fastening straps for SCBA
  • sophisticated: integrated mounting for fire axe or Halligan tool

The "Rapid Intervention Bag" - an absolutely essential equipment at operations where fire fighters are wearing a SCBA.

For rapid intervention teams, it developed to a vital tool to transport all required equipment potentially needed for rescue of fire fighters or other people in case of emergency.

GEARBAG PRO Rapid Intervention Bag goes beyond these demands! Spacious capacity allows for carrying of extended equipment, depending on individual contingency plan of any fire brigade.

Main compartment, capacity of approx. 55 liters, is designed for storage of a whole SCBA along with additional equipment that can be stowed in inlying net pockets.

A mounting for fire axe (or Halligan tool) is located on the bag’s exterior.

The ultrafast accessible mask compartment provides space for everything that is needed for establishing an ensured breathing air supply: respirator mask, regulator and handwheel of valve of the SCBA. Together at one location inside the bag.

Bag is completely padded to protect your SCBA equipment.

Innovative feature of the GEARBAG PRO is the integrated belt system, that allows for secure mounting of bag on victim and therefore also for secured breathing air supply throughout entire rescue operation.

Robust trolley system of the bag in combination with aluminum die-cast wheels and

gliding bars at bottom enable rapid invention team to rush towards the victim without having to carry the bag, but only pulling behind. Even if they have to overcome stairs!

The KOMBI Rope Bag can also be attached by clip buckles to integrate a rescue rope.

These clever features considerably unburden rapid intervention teams whilst in action and allow them to concentrate on task. They are rid of the equipment’s weight and have their hands free.

A detachable hook-and-loop strip for individual labeling is included to be attached to the bag’s top.


- main compartment (55 liters) with:
      - three fastening straps for mounting of SCBA
      - net pockets for small items
      - easy accessible lid compartment e.g. for patient transfer sheet
- respirator mask compartment (15 liters) with:
      - space for respirator mask, regulator
      - easy access to handwheel of valve of SCBA  
      - 2 slide in pockets for equipment such as recues scissors, rescue loop
      - easy accessible lid compartment e.g. for escape hood
      - cover designed for opening with one hand only
- mounting for fire axe or Halligan tool at the exterior
- clip buckles to attach the KOMBI Rope Bag
- heavy-duty gear loop
- exterior zipper pocket with
      belt system for fixation of bag to victim
- detachable hook-an-loop strip for individual labeling
- two heavy-duty carrying handles
- two easy-recognizable handles for opening of main and mask compartment
- robust trolley-system with:
      - foldaway handle for transport by one person only
      - die-cast aluminum wheels
      - gliding bars at bottom
- surrounding padding
- reflective stripe

Possible applications:

GEARBAG PRO is designed to provide more opportunities during rescue operations than just supply the victim with breathing air:

- Fixation of bag to victim

  Thanks to integrated fixation straps bag can be mounted on the victim. This ensures
   that supply with clean air is guaranteed throughout whole rescue operation without
   bag has to carried by a member of the RIT.

- Emergency rescue system
   In combination with an additional patient transfer sheet the GEARBAG PRO
   develops into a complete rescue system, that allows for both: an effort-saving
   rescue and durable support with breathing air!

    - victim becomes placed onto the patient transport sheet
      à lower end of sheet should end at about middle of thighs
    - locate GEARBAG PRO on victim
      à establish air supply from bag to victim
    - pull lower end of sheet up between legs of victim and attach with carabiner to
      gear loop of bag
    - bundle sheet, victim and bag together by using integrated belt system located in
      exterior pocket of GEARBAG PRO
    - members of RIT grab hand grips at upper end of sheet und pull, victim out of
      dangerous situation or area  

- Securing of route of withdrawal
   Two exterior buckles at rear of GEARBAG PRO can be used for mounting of a    
   KOMBI Rope Bag on top of bag. Depending on situation during operation rope can
   be used for securing of route of withdrawal.

Delivery content:

GEARBAG PRO Rapid Intervention Bag without any further or pictured supplies


- colour: black
- dimensions (W x H x D): 77 x 26 x 38 cm
- capacity of interior: 70 liters (55 l + 15 l)
- weight: 4.700 Gramm
- material: 1200D Polyester, NOT flame retardant
- article-no:  4721-9005

easy to carry:

robust trolley-system for easy towing of bag


sufficient space for stowing of a complete SCBA


fixation straps for mounting of bag during rescue operation


fast accessible pockets inside of cover for items such as escape hood etc.

immediate access:

respirator mask compartment with easy access to respirator mask, valve of compressed air tank and further supplies

good recognizable:

detachable labeling "SICHERHEITSTRUPP" and additional labeling strap for individual labeling

durable & loadable:

diecast aluminum wheels

smart & helpful:

mounting for fire axe that securely fixates blade and handle


buckles for mountig of KOMBI Rope Bag