Ideally suited for rescue and self-rescue

  • maximum safety: triple-locking, due to German regulations “FwDV1”
  • no snagging: exact manufactured components

Classic pear-shaped aluminium carabiner with triple-locking according to German Fire Services Regulations (FwDV 1). 

The carabiner is suitable and accredited for the attachment to a safety chain when applying the Munter hitch (HMS) or similar techniques.

  - Maximum safety:
     triple-locking according to German Fire Services Regulations (FwDV 1)

  - Catch free:
     Latch can be moved precisely and ropes and wires can be quickly and easily    
     hinged and unhinged


- catch-Free system
- breaking load: 23 kN (lengthwise); 8 kN (across) 9 kN (open gate)
- opening of the carabiner: 22 mm
- certification: EN 362

Scope of delivery:

Carabiner without further or pictured supplies


- breaking load:
    - lengthwise : 23 kN
    - across:              8 kN
    - open:                 9 kN
- opening of carabiner: 22mm
- catch-free system
- certification: EN 362
- colour: nature
- dimensions: 11 x 7 cm
- weight: 0,1 kg
- material: aluminium
- art.-no.: 9882-7000

maxiumium safety:

triple security according to German fire service regulation FwDV 1

no interlock:

exact processing of catch and simple hooking-in and unhooking of ropes and cords