Documentation folder in upright format for on the go documentation at operations

  • flexible: DIN A4 - usable both upright format and landscape format
  • comfortable: weight of organizer rests on neck and waist
  • easy to operate: transparent compartment suitable for operation of tablet PC

Variety of colours: red or black

variety of colours:

available in:
- red
- black

No matter whether fire services, police or emergency services:
Mobile documentation tools are vital during rescue operations.

In keeping with the motto "find instead of search" the BIG Operations Organizer is tailored to the needs of documentation and information during operations.

Documents and forms can be sorted easily into five colored compartments in Din A4 format and provide clear view at all times. Thanks to the integrated ring binder and generous width of the organizer, even folders with filling strips can be stored. These features allow you to order documents topic-related and find them easily and quickly when you need them.
A clipboard with pen holder is integrated on the exterior of the organizer for documentation purposes. Directly behind the clipboard, you will find a transparent and resealable compartment for e.g. standard information (radio channel overview, operational schemes, etc.).

Alternatively, you can store your tablet PC. In the organizer it is protected from weather, yet operable due to the integrated carrying system.

The 25 mm wide adjustable carrying strap allows to postion organizer in comfortable writing position. The folder’s weight rests on neck and waist. This has an additional stabilizing effect. When investigating the scene by foot, the folder can be secured with a hook-and-loop fastener and carried over the shoulder.

Scope of delivery:

BIG Organizer including carrying strap, without further or pictured supplies

Available optional supplies:

- TABLET-FLAP Holder (Art.-No.: 2685-9000)
   for integration of tablet PC (designed for use with ring binder)


- colours: black, red
- dimensions (W x H x D): 29 x 39 x 5 cm
- weight: 1,75 kg
- material: polyester
- art.-no.:
    - black:       2684-9006
    - red:           2684-9015

neatly arranged:

colour-coded document compartments, three pen holders, plastic pocket, variety of pockets, recloseable net pocket for small items


grippy locating surface for firm hold during writing

perfect fit:

detachable, individually adjustable carrying strap

flexible and comfortable:

hand strap in addition to detachable carrying strap


scribbling pad with clip for fixation of documents and elastic loop for pen etc.

twist and wriggle:

to be used either in DIN A4 upright or landscape format - just as requested

perfect overview:

re-closeable compartment covered with clear film for documents such as list of radio channels, site map etc.

weather protected:

re-sealable cover suitable for operation of tablet-pc!
Due to special transparent film, tablet-pc can even be operated when covered with clear film.

twist and wriggle:

to be used either in DIN A4 upright or landscape format - just as requested