For realistic simulation of injuries at CRASH JUNIOR Training Dummy

  • quick and easy operation: variety of 23 different ready-to-use injury simulations
  • wide range of emergency simulations with children-motifs
  • re-usable


23 motifs

Set contains 24 laminated pieces (23 motifs) of with a variety of realistically illustrated injuries injury patterns, designed with injuries and emergency situations typical for scenarios where children are involved.

The pieces are re-usable, water-proof and high durable laminated. Injury patterns also have a hook-and-loop fastener for attachment to the CRASH JUNIOR Training Dummy. Perfect for realistic training.

Scope of delivery

24 injury patterns (one motif is divided into two pieces) packed into plastic pocket, without further or pictured supplies


- 24 injury patterns, with 23 simulations
   (one simulation is divided into two pieces)
- dimension: up to DIN A4
- thickness: 0,125 mm
- print: 4-colour printing
- art.-no..: 1122-0000

use case: CRASH JUNIOR Training Dummy


laminated and equipped with hook tape for mounting to CRASH JUNIOR Training Dummy