Durable marking – firm hold even at excess pressure ventilation

  • quick application: thanks to cord stopper
  • firm hold: also suitable at excess pressure ventilation
  • easy recognizable: integrated reflective stripes

Easy to use marking ribbons to mark already searched rooms and corridors.
Thanks to the cord stopper, the 30 cm long CHECKER STRAP can be attached quickly and easily to any kind of door knob.
The ribbon holds perfectly even under positive pressure ventilation.
The 12 mm wide ribbon in safety yellow with an 8 mm wide traversing reflective stripe is clearly visible in smoky rooms as well.


- Ribbon can be fastened securely with the cord stopper
- Ribbons can be easily located by touching, even at zero vision

Packaging unit: 


Scope of delivery:

Straps and cord stopper, without any further or pictured supplies


- Colour: yellow/silver
- Dimensions: 30 x 1,2 cm
- Weight: 0,02 kg
- Material: 95% polypropylene, 5% nylon
- Art.-No.: 9861-2509

clearly recognizable:

2 cm wide strap with full-length
and 8 mm wide reflective stripe

doppelter Nutzen:

firm hold at doors thanks to
cord stopper and easy to feel,
even at conditions with no sight